FAQs about Sidemen Clothing - Technical
How Can I Create An Account?

To create an account with us, head to the top right of the website and click ‘account’, then ‘create account’, fill in your details and a verification email will be sent to the email address provided. Once this has been verified you will be able to log into your account.

Can I Link An Account To Previous Orders?

If you have placed orders previously, when creating a new account use the email address linked to your previous orders and this will recover your orders for you.

How Do I Reset My Password?

To reset your password head to the account section of our website and press ‘forgot your password?’, enter the email address linked to your account and a forgotten password email will be sent to this inbox asking you to reset your password.

How Do I Add A Shipping Address?

To add a new shipping address simply log into your account and head over to ‘view addresses’, from here you can open the add a new address button, fill this in and save the shipping address details for future orders.

How Do I Amend My Shipping Address?

To amend a shipping address, log into your account and open ‘view addresses’. From here you can edit any shipping addresses which you have saved.

How Do I Delete My Shipping Address?

Deleting a shipping address is very simple. Just log into your account, navigate to ‘view addresses’ and delete any unwanted shipping addresses.

Can I Change My Email Address Linked To My Account?

Unfortunately at this time we are unable to transfer accounts across email addresses.

Do we sell Gift Cards?

You can find our wide selection of Gift Cards here.

Are They A Physical Product?

No they are not. Our Sidemen Clothing Gift Cards are digital, meaning that once purchased these will be sent to the email address provided with your order.

How Long Do They Take To Be Sent?

During a normal Monday to Friday these can take anytime up to 24 hours to be sent. As our team is out of office over the weekends/bank holiday periods it is unlikely you will receive your Gift Card during these periods.

Do They Have An Expiry Date?

You’ll be glad to know that our digital Gift Cards do not have an expiry date which makes these perfect birthday and Christmas presents!

Can I Use One Gift Card Across Multiple Orders?

Our Gift Cards allow you to redeem them across multiple orders, your redemption code will stay the same no matter how many times this is used.

Can I use two promotional codes together?

Unfortunately, promotional codes cannot be used together, unless stated otherwise. If you enter more than one promotional code, only the last code entered will apply.